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How do they work?

Participants will meet six times over three-day weekends in Paris at the Economic, Social and Environmental Council.

Objectives of the Citizens' Convention on Climate :
Suggest measures to reduce by 40% greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 in the interests of social justice.

The dates of the sessions are as follows:

  • 4-5 to 6 October
  • 25-26 to 27 October
  • 15-16 to 17 November
  • 6-7 to 8 December
  • 10-11 to 12 January
  • 25-26 January.

Based on hearings of experts with conflicting opinions and summaries of research (by academic experts, international bodies and civil society organizations), the citizens selected at random will draw up proposals for laws and regulations that will enable France to better fight climate change.

This is not an assembly of specialists. The participants come from all professional backgrounds, all regions, all ages… Each of the 150 participants will bring in their own expertise. The diversity of the profiles of the members of the Citizens’ Climate Convention is the guarantee that all the topics covered will be addressed taking into account the diversity of the lives of the French, their needs and wishes for the future.

Most exchanges take place in smaller groups in order to have sufficient time to discuss and to ensure that participants are comfortable and have sufficient opportunities to participate in collective production. Specialists in citizen dialogue will accompany these exchanges, without influencing them: the floor will be left to the citizens. On a regular basis, each of the groups will share its work with all 150 members of the Citizens’ Climate Convention.

No specific skills are required. Participants will work with different stakeholders, experts in the topics discussed, including lawyers who will help them translate into legal terms what they want to put in place.

Lettre de mission du Premier Ministre

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